The Medium on Xbox Series S struggles to maintain a stable 30 FPS at 1080p

The Medium on Xbox Series S

Youtube channel ElAnalistaDeBits has uploaded a comparison video for The Medium on Xbox Series X, Series S and PC. Although the game looks good on both PC and Xbox consoles, it does have some performance issues due to poor optimization efforts from the Bloober Team side.

The summary of the analysis can be put forth as:

-Same texturing in all versions.

– Series S uses Ray-Tracing in lighting and shading, but I have not seen evidence of RT in reflections.

– The PC version features a higher Ray-Tracing. Some reflections (such as cabinets) do not appear to use console ray-tracing. This seems like yet another example of Nvidia’s advantage with this technology.

– Some shades are inferior in Series S with respect to Series X. In PC they are of higher quality.

– The drops in fps suffered in-camera changes have been fixed. However, the game still has some frame-pacing and some crashes when using the split-screen.

– Bloober Team has done a great job with this game on an artistic level.

The Medium on Xbox Series S

The game on Xbox Series S was running at a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a minimum of 1152×648 pixels. Even at these resolutions on the Series S, the game was still continuously dipping to 23-25 fps.

Medium on Xbox Series S