The left application “Sberbank Online Site” appeared in the App Store

Don’t get fooled!

Appeared in the App Store this a fraudulent application (do not install, do not use!) called “Sberbank Online Site”. As an icon, the application uses the old logo of SberBank, which was before the change in corporate identity (until the end of September 2020).

Left application from scammers

The work of the application comes down to the fact that it receives your login and password from Sberbank Online and then redirects you to the official website of SberBank.

Knowing your username and password from Sberbank Online, fraudsters can steal money from your account. Since being published on the App Store, the fraudulent app has quickly gained popularity and even hit #4 on the top free app charts on the App Store. This is not surprising since many iPhone users are used to seeing the official Sberbank Online application in the App Store and thought that Sberbank managed to return its application to the Apple application store.

Fraudulent application in the App Store -

It is not clear how such an application could even get into the App Store, where all new applications are checked by moderators. A separate question is how an application with that name could appear there if, due to sanctions, the official application of SberBank was previously removed from the App Store. Doesn’t look like Apple. As if they deliberately decided to harm the largest bank in Russia.

SberBank is aware of the problem and is working on blocking a malicious application in the App Store. Hope this will be removed soon. “left” apps from the App Store. The main thing in this situation is that among the owners of iPhones who downloaded the malicious Sberbank Online Site there should be as few financial victims as possible.

Currently, the Sberbank Online application is officially not in the App Store since April 12, 2022, and Sber informed in his official Telegram channel.

Android smartphone owners lucky more tk on Android smartphones, you can download the Sberbank Online application directly, bypassing the Play Market. iPhone owners do not have such an opportunity, but they can go to Sberbank Online through official website of Sberbank (link in the upper right corner).

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