The Galactic Junkers will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022 – Nintendo Switch

Expected for June 30, 2022 on Steam, the comic space combat game The Galactic Junkers developed by Evil Twin Artworks has just confirmed its release on consoles, Nintendo Switch included, in the course of 2022. While waiting to be able to discover the first official images of the Nintendo Switch version, we let you discover the trailer of the announcement below as well as a complete description.

About Galactic Junkers

Being the captain of a spaceship can be tough, especially when there’s a bounty on your head. Bounty hunters, space pirates, and even the Galactic Union are trying to hunt you down. All that separates you from oblivion is your wits, your crew, and your trusty ship.

The Galactic Junkers is a comic space combat action-adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a space captain on the run. Your ship might be falling apart and your crew isn’t the best, but with a bit of luck you can keep it all together. Upgrade your ship, hire new crew members, steal supplies and equipment, and continue to search for the truth about why everyone wants you dead.

In the distant future, the Great Cataclysm has destroyed Earth, and humanity has spread throughout the solar system. To survive, we have become nomads, earning a living on crumbling space stations and barely habitable asteroids. Humanity has lost all hope, but a few brave space captains are here to try to find us a new future. You are one of them, building a life full of adventures for you and your crew, with a full load of Space Munch, a moody computer and a barely functioning ship, what could be pass ?

Features :

  • Explore – Take a journey through the solar system as you explore the nine planets and their neighboring sectors. Discover mysterious asteroids, creaky space stations, abandoned shipwrecks, deadly pirates and more.
  • Mine, collect, steal and trade – It’s never easy to run a spaceship and there are always bills to pay. Keep your bank balance healthy by mining asteroids, scavenging shipwrecks, and trading with disreputable characters. You might even commit a petty theft, but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.
  • Fight and board enemy ships – Space is a deadly place, so you will have to fight for your life. Configure your crew to use the cannons and show those pesky pirates what you’re capable of! Board enemy ships to destroy and seize critical resources or hack into systems from the shadows.
  • Recruit and maintain your crew – A happy ship needs a happy crew, so take care of your bunch of helpful idiots. Cultivate their skills to keep things running smoothly, or if you don’t like them, show them the airlock and hire a new crew.
  • Buy, upgrade and repair ships – Maybe you need a little more juice in the engine department or your guns aren’t up to snuff. Upgrade your ship to take control of the sector and make a name for yourself. Or if you prefer something a little more sophisticated, trade your ship for a better model. But don’t forget your maintenance routines!
  • Protect yourself and your ship at all costs – Try not to blow yourself up, capture or incapacitate yourself. We’re counting on you to uncover the truth behind the bounty placed on your head and see if a greater destiny awaits you there. Explore weird new worlds, meet weird new people, taste questionable food and make mistakes where no space captain has done before, but don’t blow your exhaust ports!