The first in the industry!China Mobile released the overall architecture design of 6G network

Today, China Mobile released the “China Mobile 6G Network Architecture White Paper” at the main forum of China Mobile’s 2022 Science and Technology Week and the Mobile Information Industry Chain Conference “Gathering the Trends and Creating the Future”. The “White Paper” proposes a three-body, four-layer and five-sided 6G overall architecture design, which is the industry’s first systematic 6G network architecture design. Among them, the “three bodies” are the network ontology, the management orchestration body, and the digital twin; the “four layers” are the resource and computing power layer, the routing and connection layer, the service-oriented function layer, and the open enabling layer, and the “five layers” are the control layer. face, user face, data face, intelligent face, security face. On this basis, the “White Paper” also proposes that a virtual twin should be created digitally to realize a digital twin network architecture with network closed-loop control and full life cycle management; so as to realize plug-and-play, flexible deployment and other characteristics of the network architecture. Distributed homemade network. According to the latest data, the total number of China Mobile customers has reached 967 million, with a net increase of 202,000 this month and a cumulative net increase of 9.706 million this year; the cumulative number of 5G package users has reached 4.95.
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