The first flight of the domestic large aircraft C919 successfully made the first flight video of my country’s independent large aircraft: likes

Today at 6:52, the C919 aircraft numbered B-001J took off from the 4th runway of Pudong Airport and landed safely at 9:54, marking the first flight of the first C919 aircraft to be delivered to the first user by COMAC The test was successfully completed. During the 3-hour and 2-minute flight, the test pilot coordinated with the flight test engineer to complete the scheduled tasks, and the aircraft was in good condition and performance. After the successful maiden flight of C919 in 2017, all six test aircraft were put into flight test verification at the end of 2019, and flight tests were carried out in Shanghai, Yanliang, Dongying, Nanchang and other places. In January 2021, the Civil Aviation Shanghai Certification Center completed the first CAAC-certified test flight of the C919 aircraft. On March 1, 2021, China Eastern Airlines, as the world’s first start-up user of the domestically produced large aircraft C919, officially signed a C919 large passenger aircraft purchase contract with COMAC in Shanghai. The first batch of 5 aircraft was introduced, becoming the world’s first operating C919. Large passenger airliner. The C919 large passenger aircraft is a large civil jet aircraft developed by my country in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights. The seat class is 158-
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