The Epic version of Hitman 2016 is now available on GeForce Now and it’s also Free.

hitman 2016 on geforce now

Nvidia is consistently expanding its list of games that are available on GeForce now. Every Thursday there is a new game(s) available to cloud stream on Geforce Now platform. This week Nvidia added Hitman 2016, Control and the Shadowrun Collection to this list. However, only the Epic Games version of these game are available and not the Steam version.

Also, Hitman 2016 and Shadowrun Collection are up on Epic store for free which is a double bonus for players like me.

And now that GeForce now is available on Chromebooks, you can actually enjoy cloud streaming using just your Chrome browser and won’t have to download anything. It works on Windows and Linux as well, not necessarily just Chromebooks. If you wish to try it, we had put up a guide for you to follow through.