The domestic new crown treatment new drug “Qianjintansu” has attracted heated discussions about the daily limit of Qianjin Pharmaceutical’s stock price.

The domestic new crown treatment new drug “Qianjintiansu” is hotly debated, and Qianjin Pharmaceutical’s stock price limit response is here

A few days ago, the new domestic new crown treatment drug “Qianjintiansu” has caused heated discussions on the Internet. This drug has won a national patent and is said to have anti-virus capabilities up to15393times, this also led toAThe stock price of Qianjin Pharmaceutical, a listed company, goes up by the daily limit because it all contains the word “qianjin”.

However, Qianjin Pharmaceutical’s board secretary said in reply to investors on the interactive platform,The company does not have any products related to fenugreek, which means that it has denied a direct connection with the new domestic new crown treatment drugs.

Not only Qianjin Pharmaceutical’s daily limit,5moon13Japanese traditional Chinese medicine stocks are very strong, and Bio Valley rises17%Sunflower Pharmaceuticals, Buchang Pharmaceuticals, and Kunming Pharmaceutical Group have soared.

According to the Science and Technology Daily, a new drug for the treatment of new crowns discovered by Chinese scientists has been authorized by the national invention patent.The patent specification shows,10uM(micromoles/liters), the doubling factor of phyllotaxel inhibiting the replication of coronavirus is15393times.

What does the number 15,000 times mean?Professor Tong Yigang, Dean of the School of Life Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the inventor of the patent, said in an interview, “This number can be understood in layman’s terms as if there is a15393virus, using10micromoles/In the case of liters of fenugreek drugs, the virus count will be only1indivual. That is to say, a very small amount of fenugreek can prevent the expansion and spread of the new coronavirus.

Tong Yigang said that from the current research data, the drug’s ability to inhibit the new coronavirus ranks high among all the new coronavirus inhibitors discovered by humans.

American scholars have previously published papers in “Science” confirming that the data of fenugreek in their research26The data in this drug is eye-catching, and it is better than the already approved Remdesivir and Paloviride.

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