the creators of the game talk about their new license

A real critical success on PS5, Returnal could indirectly contribute to the development of Housemarque’s next license. In any case, this is what the studio confided to our colleagues from Video Games Chronicle, some concepts thought for the adventures of Selene having not been used. “Returnal was truly an ambitious gameexplains Eevi Korhonen, narrative designer. We were thinking big, but we had to give up a number of things. There were all these ideas, all these narrative systems… I can’t wait to take these elements and see how they can stick to the story of our new license.


Before adding:We hadn’t measured how big Returnal was going to be. Developing on a new console, on a new engine, with a new team… All of these things required learning. Today we have a team that has overcome all of these obstacles and learned how to design a game like Returnal. Suddenly, we can start a new project by being stronger. […] I think we mostly learned in terms of pacing, and how difficult it was in a roguelike setting. It is something that is difficult to master.

Available since last year, will Returnal be the subject of a sequel? “I can’t comment on that.smiles Eevi Korhonen. It seems to me that at the beginning of the year, the guys said that we were working on a new license. Afterwards, whether or not we will look at Selene’s story again is something that remains to be determined.“As Video Games Chronicle recalls, two months after the release of Returnal, Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Housemarque.