The core of the team leads the way! “Battlefield 2042” core creator is about to leave: the new invitation is irresistible


Today (November 25), one of the main creators of “Battlefield 2042”, Fawzi Mesmar, who served as the design director of the game, officially announced that he is leaving and that the invitation from the new owner is irresistible. It is reported that in an internal letter sent by Fawzi Mesmar to employees, he stated that he had received an invitation from another company that he could not refuse, and said that this company had already thrown out an olive branch before the release of “Battlefield 2042” and was willing to wait DICE completed the development of “Battlefield 2042”. Fawzi Mesmar has been in charge of DICE’s design team since 2019. It is understood that this design team includes creative directors, game designers and other key creative personnel, and participated in the development of DICE’s “Star Wars: Battlefront 2,” “Battlefield 5” and “Battlefield 2042”. Although the team led by Fawzi Mesmar has played a very important role within DICE, Fawzi Mesmar said that he has discussed with the studio general manager Oskar and finalized a replacement, so Fawzi Mesm.