The choice of the occasion to pay less for its Switch games

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The occasion echoes the ecological and economic concerns of the moment, to the point of attracting more and more young consumers. On Easy Cash, players find their Switch games at attractive prices.

At a time when purchasing power and ecological issues rank among the main concerns of the French, the second-hand market is arousing growing interest among consumers. It is easy to understand: giving a second life to objects that we no longer use helps to avoid unnecessary overproduction and to reduce the volumes of goods that transit across the planet; and at the same time, the occasion also makes it possible to achieve sometimes significant savings.

The opportunity acclaimed by young consumers

And if second-hand sales have long been likened to the garage sales of our grandparents, the trend is changing: the ecological or economic advantages of the second-hand market speak to younger generations and, increasingly, it is high-tech products that are sold and resold between consumers – particularly because new technologies are expensive, consume a lot of resources and encourage frequent renewals.

Logically, these are smartphones, game consoles and video games which today rank among the popular products that are bought and resold second-hand.

A trend clearly identified by Easy Cash, one of the main second-hand sales platforms in France (more than nine million second-hand products are sold there each year, for a turnover of 200 million euros in 2021). The brand’s website and 125 points of sale in France certainly welcome a family audience, but also increasingly representatives of the “Generation Z” who come to buy their video games there, in particular distributed on the Switch of nintendoseduced by this more virtuous economy.

Switch games on Easy Cash

More than 650 Switch games are thus referenced in the shelves of Easy Cash in stores or online. Obviously, the available catalog depends on the games resold by the players and it is sometimes necessary to be on the lookout to find the most popular titles, which sell quickly. Nonetheless, most of great playful video references of the Nintendo console are available on Easy Cash and rank among the best-selling titles on the platform – with on average displayed prices ten euros lower on second-hand compared to their new equivalent (a new Switch game generally sells for around €45, the same titles on Easy Cash are sold between €30 and €40).

For example, the best-selling Switch game on Easy Cash is the unmissable crazy racing game from Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, available second-hand at €34.99. Still among the best-selling Switch games on Easy Cash, we find the bewitching simulation fantasy Animal Crossing: New Horizons (39.99€), or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (32.99€), one of the essential references of the large-scale adventure game. For exercise enthusiasts, Ring Fit Adventure (at 29.99€) invites you to fight monsters while doing physical exercise, while Super Mario Party (at €29.99) stands out as a benchmark for party games fun to play with friends or family. You can find all the Switch games here.

A “contract of trust” with consumers

If the opportunity is part of a virtuous economy and is financially attractive, can we nevertheless buy our used video games without risk? What about their proper functioning? And at a time when physical and dematerialized games are often confused, is it legal to buy a used video game?

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These questions have long been debated among lawyers, especially at a time when online games are often associated with the player’s “personal” gaming account. The Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris decided the question in September 2019 (in the context of a case between the association UFC-Que Choisir and the company Valve which operates the Steam platform): the judges agreed with the association’s arguments based on the freedom of movement of goods, including dematerialized works such as video games. From now on, a publisher cannot oppose the emergence ofa second-hand market for video games, even dematerialized ones.

Beyond theory, Easy Cash also puts into practice a policy aimed at ensuring a “contract of trust” with consumers. The brand ensures that all the products it sells are subject to tests and controls to ensure their proper functioning and also practices a traceability policy (to avoid concealment). Buyers also benefit from a one-year warranty after purchase, and Easy Cash adds a two-week “satisfied or refunded” option, even in its stores to align with the legal withdrawal period in force on Internet.

Second-hand is an increasingly popular practice, particularly among young consumers aware of the issues of the time, which is proving to be safe, attractive and rather virtuous. So why not buy your second-hand Switch games, for example on Easy Cash?