“The biggest reference is where I live” – STALKER 2 Level Designer on how he gets inspired at work

"The biggest reference is where I live" - STALKER 2 Level Designer

Not so long ago, Denis Rudoy, ​​who has been a level designer at GSC Game World since 2018, talked about an hour on various topics with the author of the YouTube channel “Nikita Kaf“. Of course, they did not forget to mention STALKER 2.

During the conversation, he recalled that he has been working on a sequel for a little over 2 years, the setting and lore of which seems to him very atmospheric, not least because of his passion for such a phenomenon as “diggerism”:

I love this lore and setting, I enjoy it! All these abandoned buildings. I myself climb the abandoned buildings very often, especially in the summer 

Says the developer.

But the next question was more interesting. Denis was asked how he gets inspired when working on the game:

The biggest reference is where I live. This is a post-sovok where I go for a walk for some hot dog, I look – “oh, what a cool jamb of the building, I’ll take a picture of it, send it to the artists.” And there is a lot of that. Music, it’s understandable, ambient. Now they have written for Stalker mods, such as “Misery” , such as “Dead Air”. The music there is just awesome! You turn on the ambient, two hours, and work under it. It even adds some references, ideas, how cool it is to put something here.

The release date remains unknown, but recently GSC Game World clarified that the gameplay on ID @ Xbox on March 26 is not worth waiting for and shared a few new concept arts from the game.

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