The Battlefield proximity will return the Battlefield 2042 cams, following a rumor

I’m not surprised at all Battlefield 2042the ultimate entry in the first-person story of Electronic Arts and DICE, no ha tenido una buena acogida between the players. Those in charge consider that the coronavirus pandemic and the comparisons with other games have been part of the culprit of this maladaptation, but it is clear that the community has taken on other aspects including including filing petitions to companies the devolucin. For the sake of the fans, a rumor has it that they are all unchanged cambios of the new entry can be corrected in the first game.

Ha sido el insider Tom Henderson who has shared new confidential information in Xfire. They explain that the Battlefield 2042 developers he learned “selected lessons” del mal lanzamiento que ha tenido esta entrega en assure que el prximo Battlefieldwhich is in the pre-production phase, va a dar marcha atrs con algunos de los cambios which he did in the last game, although he did not specify exactly what he was going to be.

Which shifts need to be rebuilt Battlefield?

Between the main queues of the community, adems of the lack of content with the que Battlefield 2042 lleg al mercado, nos encomtramos con crticas hacia el specialist system y hacia las massive games of up to 128 players que rellenan con bots when you have not had enough, you can save as much as you want while playing the game has fewer simultaneous players on Steam than previous franchises.

One Vandal pudimos jugar a Battlefield 2042 to counter in our analysis that “there is a complete game that will result in love for the lovers of the saga but that need time to be able to explode everything that has the potential that, a da de hoy, est lejos de su mejor nivel“. If you are interested in his experience, we recommend you to take our gua.

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