The Ascent’s first story DLC arrives in August

Curve Games and Swedish studio Neon Giant today announced the first story DLC for The Ascent. Dubbed “Cyber ​​Heist”, it will feature new environments, missions and enemies never seen before. New combat techniques will be available with melee weapons. The DLC story takes place after the main plot of the title.

Kira will once again have a job for you. As a good entrepreneur, it is difficult for you to refuse such an offer. A new Arcology to explore belonging to the Malhorst-Gelb group. A unique technology is hidden there, with all those who covet it as much as you. The good news is that this content will be accessible both solo and in co-op.

Get an idea with the announcement trailer below:

Cyber ​​Heist will be released on August 18 for €9.99. Additionally, a Cyber ​​Edition of the game including both Cyber ​​Warrior and Cyber ​​Sec cosmetic packs as well as this new DLC will arrive for €44.99.