TFT: Cheat sheet of the best compositions of patch 11.23 B

Find the four best compositions of TFT Set 6 in patch 11.23 B with our cheat sheet! For this start of Set, we present you the compositions Katarina, Lux, Yone and Kog’Maw.

A lot of builds are viable in this patch 11.23B of Teamfight Tactics. We still recommend four compositions that can work well.

Find our cheat sheet of the four best compositions of the patch.

The cheat sheet of the best compositions of patch 11.23 B of TFT

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Compo Reroll Katarina with Assassin

(LoLchess Link)

Katarina is very popular on this patch, as she is capable of inflicting enormous magic damage to the opposing backline after passing 3 stars. In this build, you have different secondary carry options, like Talon, Echo Where Shaco for example.

Lux / Vex Compo with Arcanist


(LoLchess Link)

Lux can deal massive AoE magic damage, becoming able to take out all of the opposing lineup in seconds. One of the other strengths of this composition is Vex which becomes extremely durable when passed 3 stars with defensive items.

Compo Yone with Challenger

(LoLchess Link)

Yone can slice up opposing lineup in just seconds with the Challengers attack speed. He also has the advantage of being able to target the backline with his spell, allowing him to win fights very quickly as soon as he kills a first target. This composition can be played with different secondary carries such as Fiora Where Kai’Sa.

Compo Reroll Kog’Maw / Kassadin with Protector


(LoLchess Link)

If you find a lot of Kog’Maw and Protectors at the start of the game, this composition can be very powerful. Kassadin and We are form a very resistant frontline, while Kog’Maw and Caitlyn deal excellent damage, especially against enemy tanks.

Other compositions are also viable, you can find them all on our tier list of the best compositions of Set 6.