Test – RECARO Rae gaming chair – A chair for savvy purses | XboxOne

After offering you the MAXNOMIC XBOX 2.0 Pro seat test last summer, today we offer you our opinion on a competitor’s product: the RECARO Rae. Well established in the field of car seats, whether seats for car racing or child seats for the comfort of your toddlers, RECARO is a strong player in the sector. But the brand has also taken the turn of the gaming sector to try to find a place for itself, with its experience. So what is this gaming chair worth? We will see it together.

A resolutely top-of-the-range product

For its gaming range, RECARO offers several models to gamers. The Rae models, whose prices range from €599 for the Essential versions and €699 for the Bright. Then come the Exo models available in three versions Exo (€949), Exo FX (€1099) and Platinum (€1249). Note that it is also possible to add a headrest for the Exo models, but at the cost of an additional €99.

The products are therefore not intended for all budgets, including the most “affordable” models, including the RECARO Rae Bright model that we had available. Regarding the colors of its products, the brand has the classic black or gray shades, but also some more colorful versions. The model that we tested thus sports an orange dress of the most beautiful effect, accompanied by a few touches of white and sky blue.

Quality found right down to its packaging

Delivered in a rather bulky box, the seat is a nice 20 kg baby. No complaints about the way it is packaged, the different parts of the seat are sufficiently protected and nothing can move during transport. Our product therefore suffered no damage when it arrived, which could easily make people cringe otherwise, especially on an expensive product.

Then comes the inevitable assembly stage. Good surprise, the instructions were quite clear and it only took us half an hour to be able to put our buttocks on the chair. No need for any special tool, all the hardware is provided as well as the Allen key for tightening.

The elegance of the German brand

Once assembled, one can admire the elegance of the armchair. The materials appear to be of good quality and we found no flaws. The topstitching is clean and highlights the curves of the seat.

Concerning the fabric of the seat, RECARO guarantees us a perfect regulation of the temperature, even in case of strong heat. Due to the lack of high temperatures during our test, however, we cannot fully corroborate this statement.

Also note that it is possible to remove the covers from the seat and backrest in order to be able to wash them afterwards.

Finally, the seat has a star base with plastic wheels. Again, the materials offered by the German brand seem of quality and invite us to sit down and find out if comfort is also part of it.

Guaranteed comfort, but perfectible

Let’s now come to the sensations once seated. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to look at competitors’ products in this price range, you’ll have noticed that gaming chairs often come with a lumbar cushion. Here, RECARO has chosen to integrate it directly inside the backrest. Some might lament the loss of the ability to adjust it (or even remove it), but we greatly appreciated the support provided during our meetings.

On the other hand, if our lumbar are filled, the cervical are terribly neglected. The absence of a headrest is sorely felt, which at the requested price is difficult to justify when competitors already offer it in lower price ranges.

Still, the overall comfort of the seat is assured. The foam of the seat remains firm and we do not have the feeling of sliding forward during our movements. After several hours of continuous testing, we never felt any pain or discomfort.

The seat also adapts to the different morphologies of the players. Easily adjustable, you can obviously adjust the height, but also the inclination of the backrest. The position of the 4D armrests can also be modified on several axes by adjusting the height, depth, width and inclination.

Unfortunately, if the adjustment of the armrests remains very easy via the use of two buttons (one for the height and the other for the remaining axes), their comfort is not a great success. Far too thin, they don’t hug the elbows enough, which caused us a little discomfort over time. In comparison, the armrests of the Core EX from AkRacing (offered at less than 300 €) are much more interesting.