Test – OlliOlli World: VOID Riders – Back on the board | Xbox One

Last February, OlliOlli World marked the renewal of the license. Indeed, the developers of Roll7 had made the gameplay more accessible and less punitive. During our test, we also discovered a rather wacky art direction. It is in this same spirit that the first DLC of the title called VOID Riders was developed, already available.

Encounter of the Third Kind

While we are enjoying all the benefits of the island of Radlandia, an alien ship appears in the desert of Las Vulgas. We then meet three riders from the planet VOID We learn that the purpose of their visit is to find specimens of skaters who may be of interest to the all-powerful Nebulord. To help them in their selection, new challenges have been set up on the island of Radlandia. Only the most talented specimens will be able to use the portal leading to the planet VOID

New style

With this DLC, twenty levels and forty additional challenges are available to us. Not to mention that after completing the story, about fifteen rather tough challenges are added to the table. There is really enough to spend several hours grinding.

This new biome also brings its share of new pieces of equipment that we can unlock with each validated challenge. Extraterrestrial culture obliges, these accessories are even crazier than those that sit in our wardrobe. The gameplay also benefits from this addition with the arrival of tractor beams. Between two ramps or two jumps, we have to use this new apparatus to rise in the air and continue our ride. This new mechanic enriches the possibilities of combos and refreshes the level design.

Our only regret is that the novelty brought by this DLC is not found in the online game. We can of course sport our best effects and pieces of equipment, but the new biome and the new type of apparatus have not been integrated into the playable levels online. However, it would have been easy to add it to the “Gnarvana league” mode even if the other riders did not acquire this new content.

VOID Riders is the first of two DLCs included in the pass, which retails for €14.99. It is also possible to acquire this DLC individually at the price of €9.99. In view of the content and the number of additional hours of play, this price is justified in our eyes.

Tested on Xbox Series X. (Optimized)