Telegram will send your messages “to the left”

The popular messenger Telegram has updated the terms of use on its official website. Now it will have even less privacy.

Telegram recently received a new feature for converting voice messages to text as part of a paid Premium subscription. After that, the document on the terms of use of the messenger was updated: it has new nuances that reduce the degree of privacy of correspondence. According to the new rules, Telegram will send your messages to Google – there the voice files will be decrypted and sent back to the chat as text.

But the changes affected not only premium features. The standard feature with translating messages directly in the chat feed will also now work differently. Previously, Telegram used the power of Promt to translate messages, but now the translation function will also be carried out through Google.

Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 11.04.39.png

That is, if you click the “Translate” button in the chat, then the selected message is sent to Google, translated there and returned back. “The text of specific messages that users have chosen to translate may be passed to Google in order to obtain translated versions of them. … The third-party owner of the service (Google) can also obtain the IP address of the user requesting the transfer,” the document says.

Regarding the privacy of user data, Telegram has generally kept the following statement: “All data is stored in strong encryption so that local Telegram engineers or physical attackers cannot gain access.” How the data transmitted to Google is processed is not specified. The document only states that it is impossible to reach a specific Telegram user using the IP address that she receives.