Tea for Hot Heads WoW, how to achieve the achievement in World of Warcraft?

Among the achievements added with the latest expansion, Shadowlands in WoW, find out how to make Tea for the Hot Heads!

World of Warcraft, more commonly abbreviated WoW, is an MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment. For a long time WoW held the number one spot as the most popular MMORPG, so much so that today it has 8 expansions to its name, with the most recent being Shadowlands.

Like other MMORPGs, events are deployed in-game at certain times of the year. You can also collect mounts and pets or even skins. If you have the soul of a collector, you can try to achieve all the Achievements in the game. Among the achievements of Shadowlands, you must achieve Tea for hotheads.

How do you get the achievement, Tea for Hot Heads in WoW?

In Shadowlands, four congregations have been added to the game with new achievements for each of these factions. With the addition of 9.1, assaults in the Den were also added with a rotation between the congregations. There is a meta achievement that requires you to complete a number of challenges during these congregational assaults.

For the Venthyr, one of the achievements is titled ” Tea for hotheads »And to succeed, you must serve tea to 8 NPCs during the’Assault of the Venthyrs on the Tremiculum in the den. This achievement can only be achieved with the quest ” A tea for every occasion Which is only available during certain Venthyr Assaults. NPCs aren’t available on the same day, so it’s best to complete the quest over multiple days during the Venthyr Assault to complete the achievement. Only 4 NPCs are available per day and their spawn is random. You can find the contact details of the NPCs below:

/way 26.7 14.6 Simone
/ way 26.6 20.1 Fane Archivist
/ way 27.1 18.5 Kael’thas Sunstrider
/way 27.3 20.1 Vulca
/way 31.7 14.2 Laurent
/ way 24.8 17.5 The Countess
/ way 31.4 20.4 Lost Sybil
/way 32.8 14.8 Iven