TDU Solar Crown: 550 km of road in Hong King, a beta and new images | Xbox One

Despite the postponement of Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown in 2023, Nacon and Kylotonn Games took the opportunity to reveal new details about the game. The famous open-world racing game license already promises a lot.

The city of Hong Kong at 1:1 scale

Nacon first recalled the DNA of its license, namely an environment reproduced on a 1:1 scale, pretty cars, a realistic driving experience, social interactions between players and a lifestyle aspect that other games have not.

And to do this, the city of Hong Kong has been entirely modeled for the occasion with no less than 550 km of roads for the greatest pleasure of driving enthusiasts. As in the old episodes, the purchase of the vehicle at the dealership will always be part of the game, as will the attention to detail when taking the wheel in hand.

Test Drive Unlimited is more than just a racing game, but rather a game about having fun driving your car, the car that reflects your style and the one you have chosen among all the others. Buying a car from a dealership, listening to the radio while driving, lowering the roof when the rain stops, using the turn signals correctly and even just opening the window are all details that millions of gamers have fallen in love with.

Our goal is to meet these expectations and stay true to the DNA of the franchise by including all these details. But we also want to go further and offer new experiences. We want to make the whole of Hong Kong Island and its 550 km of roads a limitless playground where the fun never stops.

The clash between the clans begins

For this new opus, Kylotonn Games seems to have focused on the side of racing, and announces that reputation and style count as much as racing victories.

In our game, the Solar Crown competition on Hong Kong Island is contested by wealthy luxury car enthusiasts, for whom their vehicle is an extension of their personality.

The developers point out that two visions of luxury have emerged in the city and two clans have formed: the Streets and the Sharps. These two clans are also visible in this article through the two new images shared today.

In Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, each clan wants to impose its style on the city. And so players can choose to align themselves with a clan and help defend its lifestyle. Who says clan, also says HQ accordingly. This will be used to gather, celebrate victories and find new missions.

  • The Streets – whose culture has a more underground nightclub vibe – congregate in an old building they took over for the Solar Crown competition. It is located in the industrial district of Wan Chai, in the central-northern part of the island.
  • The Sharps have privatized the top floor and the balcony of a luxury building in the Western District to the west of the city. A more subdued and sophisticated atmosphere reigns in this HQ.

Note that each of the HQs has a “public” area accessible to all players, whether Street or Sharp, but the most interesting part is the VIP area, which is only open to clan members who have proven their allegiance. In this area, hidden from the eyes of non-members, meetings are held and missions are assigned with the aim of destabilizing the rival camp.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is scheduled for release in 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Closed beta phases are also announced, but the schedule is yet to be defined.