take off!The first C919 domestic large aircraft to be delivered has completed its maiden flight – yqqlm

IT House May 14 news, today, COMAC announced that at 6:52 on May 14, the C919 aircraft numbered B-001J took off from the 4th runway of Pudong Airport and landed safely at 9:54 , markingCOMAC successfully completed the first flight test of the first C919 large aircraft to be delivered to the first user.

IT House learned that COMAC stated that during the 3 hours and 2 minutes flight, the test pilot and the flight test engineer coordinated and cooperated to complete the scheduled tasks, and the aircraft was in good condition and performance. Currently,C919 large aircraft test flight certification and delivery preparations are progressing in an orderly manner.

Statistics show that the C919 aircraft is my country’s first single-aisle large trunk airliner developed in accordance with international advanced airworthiness standards.With my country’s complete independent intellectual property rights.Maximum range of more than 5500 km, the performance is comparable to that of the new generation of mainstream single-aisle passenger aircraft in the world. It successfully made its first flight on May 5, 2017.

According to previous information, China Eastern Airlines, as the world’s first launch user of the domestically produced large aircraft C919, has officially signed the first batch of C919 large passenger aircraft purchase contracts with COMAC.Will be the first airline in the world to operate the C919 jumbo jet.

On May 9, China Eastern Airlines announced that it plans to raise no more than 15 billion yuan to introduce 38 aircraft projects and supplement working capital, of whichIncluding 4 COMAC C919s, the catalog unit price is 653 million yuan.

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