Sysinternals: Updates for Autoruns 14.07, Process Monitor 3.87, Sysmon 13.31, CacheSet 1.02 and ADExplorer 1.51

There were a few updates for Sysinternals yesterday. Corrections have been made with these updates. For example, Autoruns 07/14 improves 32/64 bit redirection. Here is the complete list.

  • Active Directory Explorer 1.51: This Active Directory Explorer update corrects a Windows Store packaging crash.
  • Autoruns 07/14: This Autoruns update can open .arn files from the command line, fixes the handling of RunDll32 parameters in some cases, supports switching active setup entries, fixes a crash if no ProcExp can be found in the path, and improves 32/64 bit redirection.
  • CacheSet 1.02: This CacheSet update corrects a malfunction of the 64-bit operating system.
  • Process monitor 3.87: This Process Monitor update corrects a number of errors when loading filter files and handling ring buffers and improves the navigation in the filter dialog, some UI interactions with column headings and the About dialog.
  • Sysmon 13.31: This Sysmon version improves the handle management in the service code and restores the content of event ID 16.

Info and download:

Thanks to everything for the hint.