Summer Sale Gamesplanet #2: Iron Harvest (-70%), Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (-78%), Hard West (-87%)

Second day of Gamesplanet’s Summer Sales with its selection of several hundred games on sale. For 24 hours, there are action, strategy or role-playing games, sports, atmosphere, with discounts to reach -90%.

As part of a partnership with the platform GamesPlanet, we offer a selection of games at reduced prices every week – iconic titles, new releases or upcoming pre-orders. To benefit from these promotions, simply use the links below, which bring a commission to JeuxOnLine and contribute to its operation.

Every summer, the Gamesplanet store organizes its Summer Sales : for ten days, the curious will be able to find a selection of several hundred games at bargain prices, renewed every morning at 10am. In total, 3200 games will be sold over the next ten days and depending on the store, the volumes allow price reductions that are often unprecedented.

For this second day of Gamesplanet Summer Sales 2022, a selection of several hundred games are on sale. As every day, the selection is very varied: action games based on large licenses like Dragon Ball FighterZ (-91%) or the action RPG Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (-78%), but also strategy games like uchronic Iron Harvest (-70%) or Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition (-76%) which replays the Second World War. And at the time when Hard West 2 just launched (sold for €21.24 with a -15% discount on Gamesplanet), the first episode of the tactical game, Hard West – Complete Edition, is offered at €3.40 (-87%). Notice to the curious.

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Some examples of games on sale this Saturday, August 6, for 24 hours: