Steelrising presents its history in a new trailer

Nakon obviously had a lot to tell us during Big Ben Week, especially about Greed Fall 2the sequel to the studio’s RPG Spiders. But the latter still has another project in preparation, more advanced, namely Steelrising, which will now be released in just a few months. The French publisher has therefore taken advantage of all these announcements to slip in a new trailer for this action game unlike any other, which takes us to the very middle of the French Revolution, but with a little twist.

The queen against the king

The title will put us in the shoes, or rather in the cogs, of the Aegis automaton in the service of Marie-Antoinette in person, who will have to face a growing threat created by Monsieur de Vaucanson, who has built an army for the king. . We will therefore face a whole bunch of strange machines to stop the actions of the king, and prevent the course of history from changing.

Between demanding fights and dynamic gameplay, the title promises us a little challenge, and will take us to visit a city of Paris completely in the grip of chaos.

Steelrising is expected for September 8 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.