Steam Summer Sale: Dates and a selection of games on sale

Very often, players on PC look forward to the Summer and Winter Sales on the Steam platform. These two periods allow them to expand their video game library, and at a lower cost. In this regard, the 2022 Summer Sales of said platform have just started. Discover, without delay, the official dates of these sales as well as a selection of games that we recommend and which are currently enjoying great discounts on Steam.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Dates

In this year 2022, Steam’s Summer Sale starts June 23 at 7 p.m. (French time). They are available until next July 7, at the same time. Thus, for two weeks, many games, AAA or independent titles, are on sale. Suffice to say that there is something for everyone and everyone can find what they are looking for.

A selection of games on sale during the Steam Summer Sale 2022

Given the more than substantial number of games, currently benefiting from great reductions, on the Steam platform, it is relatively easy to get lost and not know where to turn. Therefore, we have concocted a small selection of titles that we recommend and which are currently on promotion.

  • Chivalry II at €21.59 instead of €35.99.
  • New World at €23.99 instead of €39.99.
  • Resident Evil Village at €29.99 instead of €59.99.
  • Death’s Door at €9.99 instead of €19.99.
  • Octopath Traveler at €29.99 instead of €59.99.
  • Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade at €56.79 instead of €79.99.
  • Red Dead Redemption II at €29.99 instead of €59.99.
  • DayZ at €23.99 instead of €39.99.
  • god of war at €29.99 instead of €49.99.
  • Dune: Spice Wars at €23.99 instead of €29.99.
  • Dead Cells at €12.49 instead of €24.99.
  • Icarus at €20.09 instead of €29.99.
  • rafting at €16.99 instead of €19.99.
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human at €39.99 instead of €59.99.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition at €14.98 instead of €39.98.
  • Registration at €13.99 instead of €19.99.
  • Phasmophobia at €9.27 instead of €11.59.
  • Stardew Valley at €8.39 instead of €13.99.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved at €8.24 instead of €24.99.
  • TheForest at €4.19 instead of €16.79.

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