17 Best STALKER Anomaly Addons you should be using

best stalker anomaly addons

STALKER is all about atmosphere. And while the Anomaly mode is doing a great job of adding to the immersion there’s always room for improvement. So I went through every single page on Moddb and picked some of the best STALKER Anomaly addons that could increase your level of immersion in the game.

Note that the version of the Anomaly client I’m talking about is 1.5.1.

Best STALKER Anomaly Addons

I have included all types of STALKER Anomaly addons in this list starting from Graphics followed by Gameplay, Sounds and at last The quality of life addons.

  1. HD Models
  2. Prosperity Reshade
  3. Particles Remade & Hollywood FX
  4. Death Animations
  5. Immersive Reshade 2.61
  6. Trader Overhaul
  7. Boomsticks and Sharpsticks
  8. Anomaly Magazines
  9. Body Health System
  10. Mutant Bleeding v1.1
  11. NPCs Surrender Chance
  12. JSRS Sound Mod
  13. Soundscape Overhaul
  14. White Dots Minimap
  15. Faster Tooltips & Vivid Icons
  16. Level Transition Travel Simulator
  17. Lifegranter Counter

HD Models

Okay, let’s start with graphics. The most popular addon in this category is by far the HD models. It basically replaces every character model and faction with a new updated one. The quality is actually so impressive that some people might have a little bit of nostalgia for the old models. There is no denying that the attention to detail is absolutely amazing in this mod though.

Prosperity Reshade

Next on the list is the Prosperity Reshade. This addon provides a ton of highly customizable post-processing effects to make your game look much better. There are so many options that this addon deserves an article on its own. I like that the changes are somewhat subtle and very impactful at the same time and they definitely make the game moodier. Again it’s a highly customizable addon so even if the presets are not to your taste you can pretty much change and modify everything. It’s a very very powerful tool.

Particles Remade & Hollywood FX

It basically replaces the particles, the muzzle flashes, the impacts the explosions and even some campfire effects. There are different strengths that you can choose from in the addon. It makes you feel that you have a bigger impact on the environment around you so there is no surprise this addon is pretty popular.

Death Animations

stalker anomaly addons

Death Animations. No need to go too much into details it basically adds new death animations into the game. The bots will die in a more dramatic way. However, an extra bot on the screen might interfere with the ongoing animation.

Immersive Reshade 2.61

The last one in the graphics category is the Immersive Reshade 2.61. This allows you to tweak visuals. Although Anomaly looks good by default, it is nice to have an ambient light for that extra fluff and SMAA to smooth out the edges.

Trader Overhaul

The biggest and the most popular addon in the gameplay category is the Trader Overhaul. This is a complete rework of all the trader’s inventories so they can make more sense and are more immersive. It also makes it interesting to visit specific traders if you’re looking for specific items.

It also makes random stalkers much more interesting to trade with, I mean they are going to carry better items overall and they’re gonna offer you much better prices. If you are more interested in trading reworks you should also check out the Dynamic Economy addon which tries to recreate an organic cyclic economy which is pretty interesting.

Boomsticks and Sharpsticks

stalker anomaly best addons

It’s a complete rework of all the weapons adding a ton of new stuff. Its the Boomsticks and Sharpsticks. It basically adds new weapons, new models, new animations, new sounds, a ton of new scopes. This mod brings a ton of new content. There’s even a lot of new melee weapons which is pretty rare. As it adds so much new content and effects to the loot table there can be quite a few compatibility issues with other addons. But besides this, it’s a no-brainer it’s an amazing addition to the game.

Anomaly Magazines

This is a very cool magazine add-on for Stalker Anomaly. It basically adds a brand new mechanic (a new layer of immersion) in the game by adding magazines to every single weapon. So now you’re gonna want to save ideally multiple magazines for your main weapon, keep them in good condition, keep them full of ammo, you’re gonna have to load the bullets minorly, you’re gonna have to prepare loadouts. It is actually very very fun if you like micromanaging everything.

However, if you want to push it one step further you should try the Ammo Check plugin which basically removes the ammo counter and now you’re gonna have to check manually how many bullets you have left in your magazine for total immersion.

Body Health System

best stalker anomaly addons

Last but not least in the gameplay category is the Body Health System. Similar to the magazine addon it brings a brand new mechanic to the game. You now have a full-on body parts health system with 2 different HUDs that you can choose from. This Stalker Anomaly addon provides complete rework on how the drugs and medicines are working. It’s a very cool addition to the game and it actually adds a lot of depth on how drugs and medicines are working the modder provides a full spreadsheet with all the details that you should checkout if you decide to try this addon.

Mutant Bleeding v1.1

With this mod, mutants can actually bleed to death after several shots. It could lead to new tactics and is fairer towards the player overall.

NPCs Surrender Chance

It is very rare that NPCs surrender very easily in the base game. This mod just brings that up and the game will now make NPCs surrender more easily. However, don’t expect every other shootout to end up with hostages.

JSRS Sound Mod

One of the most important things for immersion is SOUNDS. The best and my favorite Anomaly addon in this category is JSRS Sound Mod. This is a highly recommended addon that you must have for STALKER AnomalyThere are 3 layers to this addon:

  • The first one the most obvious one is simply changing all the sounds of the weapon by much better ones.
  • The second part is a lot of little effects like bullet cracks and a better localization of the sounds overall which makes the fights much more realistic.
  • And much better management of sounds in the distance which makes the fights happening far from you sounds very realistic.

Soundscape Overhaul

The next addon in the sounds category is the Soundscape Overhaul. It is super high quality. This mod removes all the distracting noises like the weird mutant sounds that could confuse you. After installing this addon, the overall background sounds become much more subtle and it makes the game more atmospheric.

White Dots Minimap

The last category is the quality of life addons. And the first in this category is the infamous White Dots Minimap that lets you see dead bodies on the minimap. With this mod, you can find dead bodies easily and the dots actually disappear after you loot the bodies which is extra useful.

Faster Tooltips & Vivid Icons

The second one is Faster Tooltips. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s actually really really useful to have the tooltips show up much faster when you hover an item. And another one is Vivid Icons which adds little category icons on every item so they’re easier to identify at first glance.

Level Transition Travel Simulator

This addon skips some of the in-game time while you are switching locations. This does stack up with Life Granter.

Lifegranter Counter

Speaking of Lifegranter. Lifegranter Counter will show how many lives you’re at and how long it will take before you get a new one when you are playing an ironman mode.

This is by no means the best list ever. So feel free to let me know which mods work best with you and why is it so down in the comments section of this article.

How to install STALKER Anomaly addons:

To install addons in STALKER Anomaly just copy the ‘gamedata’ folder from the mod file into the STALKER Anomaly installation folder. The process is the same even if you have to install multiple addons. Alternatively, you can use Generic Mod Enabler to install and manage your library of mods.

Stalker Anomaly addons not working fix

It might be because some mods have additional folders like “configs” or “scripts” which are not present in the STALKER Anomaly folder. In this case, you just need to manually create them and then copy the mod content into them.

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