STALKER 2 development in full swing with more than 300 employees on board

stalker 2 development in full swing

GSC Game World has reacted to the recently leaked STALKER 2 release date in Microsoft documents. A spokesman for GSC Game World commented on the situation on the official Discord channel as follows:

We have not announced a release date for the game, nothing has changed. We are doing well, development is in full swing, but we have not announced a release date yet. As soon as possible.

As for the console, the game will only be released on the next-generation Xbox consoles. In principle, we have said this many times already, but we can repeat it again!

The below images are translated to English as the original screenshots were in Russian.

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A few days ago, GSC also updated the FAQ page on the Russian social media platform VK. In the FAQ GSC mentioned that currently, more than 300 employees are working on the game. For comparison, the Cyberpunk 2077 development team consisted of 500 developers.

The visual component is the most important part of immersing yourself in the world of STALKER 2. Our team of more than 300 employees strives to use the most advanced technologies. For example, motion and face capture, photogrammetry is involved in production.

STALKER 2 will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC. For the new Xbox, the game will be a console exclusive and will be available with a Game Pass subscription on release day. Xbox Series X announced support for 4K Ultra HD and Ray Tracing technology. There will be no PS5 release.