Square Enix: record results and investment in NFTs and new studios | XboxOne

“In the spring, present your balance sheet”. Here is a sentence that we could add to the saying category of the French language. After SEGA and bandai namcoit is Square-Enix which published the results of its last financial year. The figures are edifying, the company is doing well, very well even, since the Japanese firm has achieved the best balance sheet in its entire history.

Final Fantasy XIV, a success that lasts over time

With a turnover of 2.7 billion euros, it would be difficult to argue otherwise anyway. If software like Outriders, Life is Strange: True Colors or NieR Replicant are to be put to the benefit of this performance, Final Fantasy XIV is undoubtedly the one that allows the studio to reach the heights.

Its latest extension Endwalker has fascinated the community, which has also grown even further through a slew of new subscriptions. A dynamic without breathlessness to which the development team is no stranger on the other hand are hard work on: a narrative arc still as well tie up, new quests and an ever more plethoric content.

In the end, Square Enix managed to generate a net profit of 380 million euros. That is a difference of almost 180 million euros compared to the balance sheet for the year 2020/2021 (200.9 million).

Square Enix wants more studios… even if it just sold some

We could also say that a game like Marvel’s Avengers, also participated in this success at least, even if that did not prevent Square Enix from selling several of its studios and strong licenses for 300 million dollars. It is also important to emphasize that the amount of the operation, signed Embracer Group, does not appear at all in the report.

In other words, Square has 300 million fresh money which it has already decided to invest, and the creation or acquisition of new studios is part of it… A strategy that could be nicknamed “the hospital that doesn’t give a damn about charity” and which goes down rather badly with observers, a subject of contention which CEO Yosuke Matsuda strongly defended:

The objective of the operation is to allow the company to allocate its resources more efficiently, to accelerate the growth of its main activities and the launch of new activities, while facing the major changes underway in the environment. global trade.

Although this will not please everyone, the president announced that these said resources would also be allocated to the development of blockchain and NFT technology in which he still firmly believes. In the medium term, Square Enix also wants to strengthen its franchises, but also create new ones.

Finally, a position of “Chief Publishing Officer” will be created in the coming weeks. The objective is simple, to speed up decision-making, while the company is about to enter a deep period of restructuring.