Spelunky 2 will be the next Nintendo Switch Online trial game

As you may know, Nintendo has a trial program where they offer full game downloads for a limited time.

Players who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online will discover Spelunky 2 from May 25 until May 31 ! As always, this trial is free and the game is playable in its entirety during the offer period.

Amomo had reviewed it right here

Meet the next generation of lunar explorers, in search of treasures and missing loved ones. Spelunky 2 fleshes out the random and unique challenges of its predecessor, providing a satisfying adventure for old and new players alike. Explore the game solo, play with up to 4 players locally or, for the first time, join your friends online to solve mysteries together (or compete in Arena modes).

The world of Spelunky 2 is even denser than that of its predecessor and has more areas, characters, traps and objects to interact with (and themselves interact with each other). The world has expanded in many ways, creating various paths and multi-layered levels that add a third dimension to classic 2D platformer gameplay.