Sony will be able to dynamically change fan speeds on PS5 by collecting and analyzing temps data

ps5 dynamic fan speed control

Sony has deliberately put a huge emphasis and money on increasing the cooling capabilities of the PS5. To improve cooling, Sony has developed a 3-part solution that includes a 120mm dual-sided fan that draws air from both sides, a copper heat-sink that delivers the kind of cooling you’d expect from a vapor chamber and they have also made use of liquid metal as the thermal interface material for long term cooling. Something that even PC folks are hardly capable of implementing on a domestic level, Sony is able to do it on a commercially sold product. That is super ambitious.

But this is not everything that Sony has to offer. As said by Yasuhiro Otori in a recent interview with 4Gamer, Sony can manually change the fan speeds on the PS5 by collecting temperature data based on the games that you play and analyzing them through server-side processing.

Various games will be released in the future, and data on the APU’s behavior in each game will be collected. We have a plan to optimize the fan control based on this data.


For eg, if your PS5 is running hotter while playing a game then Sony will collect that data, analyze it and then roll out an update that will adjust the fan speeds next time you play that game.

Surely, this will be an advantage for someone who is willing to spare the quietness of their room for an extra byte of performance. Alongside Sony, developers will also be able to provide game-specific updates that do the same thing.

ps5 dynamic fan speed control

Additionally, Otori has also mentioned that placing the PS5 horizontally or vertically won’t have any effect on its cooling performance.

I think some people think that the heat dissipation efficiency should be higher in the vertical installation due to the chimney effect. However, in a cooling system with an active fan (electric fan), the chimney effect is at the measurement error level.


Source: 4Gamer

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