Sony is the first publisher to have won 3 “absolute” GOTYs three years in a row

sony 3 game of the years

Thanks to The Last of Us Part 2 Sony is the first publisher to have won 3 “absolute” GOTYs three years in a row. With that “absolute” the GOTYpicks site means the game that has collected the highest number of Game awards of the year among the various certified publications. In 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 received 122 GOTY awards, followed by Hades with 34 awards and Ghost of Tsushima with “only” 17 Game of the Year awards.

Last year, the PlayStation 4 version of Death Stranding, published by Sony, won 80 awards. The competition, in that case, was much tougher, given that Kojima Productions’ game won by a minimum margin against Resident Evil 2, which stopped at 79. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice contented himself with the third position, but received 59 awards of the year, including Geoff Keighley’s prestigious 2019 Game Awards.

2018 was the year of God of War. Sony’s Santa Monica masterpiece won 198 “statuettes”, beating Red Dead Redemption 2 with 135 accolades and Marvel’s Spider-man with 16.

It is also thanks to these results that Sony has built a reputation as a publisher that can boast the best first-party studios. The only publisher that can currently rival Sony in quality and quantity is Nintendo. Not surprisingly, it was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that interrupted Sony’s streak by beating Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017.