Sony is launching its own M.2 SSD storage for PS5

Sony is launching its own M.2 SSD storage for PS5

In addition to the latest PS5 firmware, which has also unlocked the additional memory expansion, Sony is now also bringing its own SSD storage onto the market. However, not under the name Sony, but under their Nextorage brand.

The NEM-PA series will be available in 1TB and 2TB volumes, which will achieve top values ​​in terms of performance, namely up to 7,300 / 6,900 MB / s sequential read / write, while the random read / write performance around 1 million IOPS achieved. 2GB / DDR4 RAM is also available for caching.

Both storage tanks are equipped with an aluminum heat sink in order to meet the requirements of the PS5 and to ensure permanent and stable performance.

Nextorage M.2 SSD

It’s unclear why Sony isn’t using its own brand to promote the store, which would certainly have more impact. Among all the competitors, Sony’s own solution is likely to be more expensive, although no prices have been given so far.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for this memory, as there are enough adequate options, including from Crucial, WD Black, Samsung, Sabrent & Co. We have put together an overview here.

The memory from Sony follows the path that this disappears completely in the SSD slot. There is a creative solution for a heat sink from Sabrent, which turns the entire cover of the SSD into a heat sink. This will be available shortly.