Something to remember: the coolest Apple chips in recent memory

Something to remember: the coolest Apple chips in recent memory

Apple pleases us with interesting features almost every year. I think you are willing to bet that these are existing technologies, brought to near perfection. Just remember Face ID: the bangs with sensors in the iPhone have already set everyone on edge, but thanks to the fact that it is hidden in it, you can not worry about data security. The same Android counterparts cannot boast of a similar one, many of them use a regular front camera, which is easy to fool. Let me remind you of the familiar features in the iPhone and other devices that Apple has pleased us with in recent years.

How iPad mini 6 differs from iPad mini 5

In my subjective opinion, the new iPad mini is the main novelty at Apple’s September presentation. Many users agree with this. our Telegram chat… The tablet has changed a lot in appearance and became much more convenient. What impressed me most was that Touch ID moved to the power button of the device. This solution suits everyone: fans of the fingerprint scanner can rest assured that the not always convenient Face ID will not be imposed on them in a compact iPad, and Apple has updated the design of the device, avoiding the rise in price of the iPad mini 6.

iPad mini 6 coolly updated, delighting users

The idea is not new, we have already seen this more than once. We keep in mind that Touch ID works flawlessly, and moving it to the power button allowed us to finally get rid of the Home button, giving an impetus to the development of other iPads.

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Why Spotlight?

“In the spotlight” will allow you to always stay in the frame

Another fresh feature from Apple that comes with the iPad. Thanks to it, the front camera will always focus on the person in the frame – useful if you like to shoot videos for social networks. Or talking on FaceTime while he is on the table – the camera grabs you thanks to the ultra-wide lens and moves behind you so that the other person can see you. Comfortable? Undoubtedly.

FaceTime iOS 15

I can praise almost all the innovations of FaceTime in iOS 15. Perhaps even the new arrangement of the buttons on the top – for a month I already got used to it. But I would like to draw your attention to the background blur function and SharePlay, which we are expecting in the next iOS 15 updates. The other day, my friend and I tried out the bokeh effect – it looks very cool. If you have excellent Internet quality at home, then you will feel the difference when the picture is in high quality. The algorithms blur the background in FaceTime differently from photos taken from the iPhone’s main camera. However, the feature is commendable.

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FaceTime communication just got better with new features

The SharePlay function will allow us to watch movies and listen to music with our interlocutors in FaceTime. Why is this cool? First, you actually get closer, even when you are in different parts of the planet. Second, it makes your Apple Fitness + workouts even more fun. By the way, a few words about Apple Fitness + …

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Apple Fitness + in Russia

Apple Fitness + keeps your workouts where you want them

To be honest, I’ve always been skeptical about online training. But the Apple Fitness + concept made me change my mind. It’s not just subscription entertainment, but a truly smart service. You can practice where it is more convenient for you. You will need an iPad or iPhone, as well as an Apple Watch. A whole department at Apple, consisting of professionals in their field, is responsible for training, and the subscription costs only 169 rubles a month – the most affordable fitness.

Apple TV subscription upon purchase

Football is life!

I actively use the Apple TV + online movie theater. In recent years, the base of films has grown significantly, and hit series of its own production are being continued. “Ted Lasso” is the most favorite TV series on the service, which has won numerous awards. In all the films, I would like to note a high-quality script, episodes worked out to the smallest detail, and the presence of Apple technology allows, to some extent, to feel closer to your favorite movie heroes. When you buy a device, Apple gives you a 3 month trial subscription – be sure to use it.

How Haptic Touch works

With Haptic Touch, you can open the context menu of applications with one click

The familiar technology, powered by the Taptic Engine, has replaced 3D Touch, which supports multiple degrees of pressure. At first, many fans of this feature were upset with the replacement for a simplified version, but it turned out to be a fairly good analogue. You can activate live photos, the cursor on the keyboard when you press the spacebar, open the options for applications and files. Thanks to Haptic Touch, gestures on iPad and iPhone are now the same, because iPad never had 3D Touch.

3 years with AirPods. My best buy ever

Karaoke on Apple Music

With karaoke on Apple Music, any friendly gatherings instantly turn into a holiday

I am desperately missing this feature after leaving Apple Music. First, it’s super cool that all Apple Music tracks have inline lyrics. Secondly, in the process of listening to a track, it moves with you. Thirdly, with such a function, one cannot help but sing along to your favorite performer. You no longer need to guess what the song is about, at the same time learning a foreign language.


What features do you like about Apple devices?

Collected cool chips that appeared in Apple devices