Some Flagship games are not supported by the Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X

xbox series x quick resume

In the last few days, we have seen many influencers, media channels, reviewers getting their hands on the Series X consoles and sharing their opinions online. Without a doubt the coolest thing that Xbox Series X offer is the ‘Quick Resume’ feature. But it looks like not every game is blessed with its support.

Quick Resume on Series X allows players to quickly switch between games without resetting any unsaved progress. As said in a tweet by IGNs ex-editor Alanah Pearce, this feature also works even after the console is unplugged and turned back ON. This is truly a next-gen experience.

However, it seems that the complete truth is not clearly visible. A Twitter user @AidenMux shared her own infuriating experience with the Quick Resume feature. We can see from the below video that some popular flagship games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5 are not yet supported by the Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X. Both games are from Microsoft itself.

This might get fixed after an update or so. Hopefully, before the launch. But also, all these games being Microsoft exclusives, it is still questionable if the folks working at the Microsoft even knows about it or not.

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