Solar Ash will now be released in December (update)

Solar Ash will now be released in December (update)

Annapurna Interactive and Heart Machine their second project Solar Ashas revealed at the recent showcase.

In Solar Ash A surreal, lively and strongly stylized world awaits you with rapid movement, lovable characters and enormous opponents. You slip into the role of Rei, an empty runner who wants to save her homeworld from the ultravoid – a huge black hole that devours whole worlds. Thanks to her incredible speed, her dexterity and other tools, Rei is ideally equipped for this task.

She can travel great distances with no problem while darting over the clouds of ash with ease. It swings easily up over large gaps and long vertical stretches. She glides gracefully over rails that are scattered around the world to get to higher places and hidden areas.

After all, you face the largest creatures in the Ultravoid – huge relics made of bones and tough, tentacle-like, sinewy slime. The key to fulfilling your mission and saving the world lies in these beasts.

Sthey are Ash appears on October 26, 2021.

Update: Since you want to take more time for the fine-tuning, the release was postponed to December 2nd at short notice.