Season 2 of Home documentary series debuts on Apple TV+ June 17 – first trailer

Apple has announced that the world premiere of the second season of the documentary series “Home” will take place on June 17. The company also shared the first trailer, providing viewers with information on what to expect from the release.

The second season will reportedly take the series to the next level, featuring some of the most innovative homes in the world.

Each episode of the second season of “House” pushes the boundaries of the imagination, showing the viewer such houses, which they did not dare to dream. The series features structures from around the world, including structures in the Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico and Iceland. Thanks to the unique buildings, the owners have rethought the traditional concept of home and created their own unique style.

House | Apple TV+

We invite you to the most incredible houses in the world – innovative and inspiring. In the new documentary series, you will also get to know their owners, who…

Apple TV+ docuseries ‘Home’ season 2 debuts June 17, watch the trailer now

Apple TV+ has today announced that the second season of the docuseries ‘Home’ will premiere globally on June 17. The streamer has also shared the first trailer, giving us a look at what we can expect from the big release.

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