Sea of ​​Thieves launches a new way to play, with Mysteries

In a publication on the official websitethe developers of Sea of ​​Thieves gave an update, explaining in particular that the Adventures are a success and have become, in a way, the cornerstone of the pirate game. But Rare does not want to rest on that and has imagined a new way to play Sea of ​​Thieves, by offering Mysteries, activity intended in particular for the players most involved in the game.

The Mysteries are considered a collaborative experience, during which players will have to explore for clues and figure out for themselves what to do. The studio hasn’t been very explicit about what the first Mystery has in store, so as not to deprive players of ” the magic of discovering it for themselves “. The only clues that Mike Chapman, creative director, gave to the players are that ” nothing is ever quite what it seems, and the truth is often stranger than you think “. He also advises players to be very attentive to what they come across.

While the first Mystery launches later this week, we know it will require players to participate in a few in-game activities, as well as to investigate beyond Sea of ​​Thieves, as clues can be found on various locations. other channels, apart from the main game. Rare says they set up these Mysteries to engage the community in another way, and can’t wait to see what the feedback will be.

See you over the next few days to see what the studio has to offer, while scanning the various social networks, to find various clues, but also to follow what the community has discovered.

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