Sales of games in France – Week 22: football is coming

Last week before the arrival of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football in the top game sales in France. While waiting for the next big title from the Kyoto firm, the ranking for week 22 focuses on titles already released in the past weeks, months and years. As a reminder, the tops are established by the SELL and are based on game sales in France according to their sales value. So let’s see how the games on the hybrid platform behave while waiting for the wave of titles for the coming month.

Top 5 game sales in France

Sales of games in France

Things change very little compared to last week’s ranking. Nintendo Switch Sports guard, probably for the last time before the arrival of Mario Strikers: Battle League Footballthe top of the ranking ahead of two titles dating back more than five years on nintendo-switch : Minecraft takes second place ahead Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Skyline Forbbiden West still profit from the drip-selling of PS5 to keep its place in the top 5 game sales in France. Kirby and the Forgotten World retains this week again the last place in the ranking of the SELL.

Top 3 Nintendo Switch Sales

No new information reaches us in the exclusive classification of the nintendo-switch since the top game sales in France generally already have 4 titles from the hybrid platform. so we find again Nintendo Switch Sports, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. We observe a good return of Minecraft on this end of the second quarter when the latter had long since left the radars of the French top. This remains difficult to explain in the absence of a major marketing or promotional campaign.

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