Saints Row: Vehicle battles in the new gameplay video

Saints Row: Vehicle battles in the new gameplay video

The launch of “Saints Row” will take place until 2022.

The announcement of “Saints Row” caused a lot of criticism a few weeks ago. In the eyes of many players, the reboot is too far removed from the once very over-the-top series. While the developers have no intention of backing down after the trailer presentation, a new gameplay video shows what to expect in terms of vehicle combat.

Vehicles are an integral part

Because not only the characters are the focus and can be adapted. The vehicles also remain in focus in “Saints Row” and offer you the opportunity to adapt them just as extensively to your own wishes and then use them to make the streets unsafe.

“The vehicle customization in this game is enormous – we have more options than ever before. When you adapt a vehicle, you have the option to save it and it will then be safely stored in your garage, ”says the developer in charge, Volition.

In the video below you can see shootings, car chases and a trip on a motorcycle. The location of “Saints Row” was presented in a previous video. You can watch the clip in this message.

“Saints Row” is sold in several editions. These include the standard version for around 70 euros, the Gold Edition for around 100 euros and the Platinum Edition for around 110 euros. You can find out what content you can expect in the announcement linked here.

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The title will be launched for a while: “Saints Row” will be released on February 25, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. More news and articles about the game are listed in our topic overview. Below you can take a look at the video scenes that introduce you to the vehicle battles:

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