Rumor: RE9 will continue the Village’s story, but subsequent games in the series will not be directly related to each other

The unannounced Resident Evil IX will be a direct sequel to Resident Evil Village and will complete the Ethan Winters trilogy, according to Dusk Golem. In addition, the Village will explain many points from the history of the seventh part. According to an insider, none of the previous games in the series have been that connected to each other.

Dusk Golem noted that the decision to release the trilogy was made long before the release of the seventh part – there is no talk of “artificial” inflating the story. At the same time, the new games will have a close relationship with the “classic” Resident Evil. According to an insider, fans of the series who are familiar with the lore of the original parts will have much more fun exploring the Village than casual gamers.

In addition, Dusk Golem said that after Resident Evil IX, developers want to abandon numbered parts and start releasing unrelated games that expand the RE universe. This does not mean that Capcom will abandon the beloved characters, but the plots of subsequent games will not continue each other.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021. It will continue the events of RE7, which was released on January 24, 2017. Part 7 was the first game in the series to use the first-person camera.