Rumor: Quantic Dream is working on Star Wars game

Rumor: Quantic Dream is working on Star Wars game

Quantic Dream is actually known for original games and brands, its last project Detroit: Become Human was. It is not known what the French studio is currently working on. However, insiders are now talking about Star Wars.

At least that’s what the insider Tom Henderson suggests on Twitter, where he shows a picture of a Detroit android and the iconic light swords from Star Wars. When asked whether he was referring to a Star Wars game that is being made by Quantic Dream, at least one followed Like corresponding posts.

Now it can be speculated whether a brand like Star Wars actually suits a developer like Quantic Dream. Check it once current job advertisements of the developer against, according to his own words there is a “ambitioniertes Next-Gen Action/Adventure“Work in progress on a triple-A scale. However, Star Wars cannot be explicitly derived from it.

The description of the lead game designer says, among other things:

“As lead game designer, you will work on the creation of the basic concepts of the game and will be responsible for the design and fine-tuning of the playability. You are working on an ambitious and innovative project based on interactive storytelling on a next-generation console. “

At least you stay true to your usual genre, even if you can’t really imagine Star Wars in it.

What is considered certain is that the next Quantic Dream project will no longer appear exclusively for PlayStation. So in the future you are striving for multi-platform projects and would also like to take over sales yourself in order to be even more independent. They also wanted to talk about new projects for a long time, but that hasn’t happened so far.

So it remains to be seen whether Star Wars actually turns out to be.