Rumor: ‘Apple Watch Series 8 possible in three sizes’

Rumor: 'Apple Watch Series 8 possible in three sizes'

‘Apple Watch Series 8 in three sizes’

If you want to buy an Apple Watch, you should not only choose a specific model, but also a size that suits you. Apple may make that choice a little more difficult again next year. Display expert Ross Young, who often has early information about smartphone and other device displays, suggests now on Twitter that Apple will put a larger display in the Apple Watch Series 8 in 2022.

But will Apple make the current models bigger again? That chance does not seem so great, because in a subsequent tweet say the analyst that you shouldn’t be surprised if the Apple Watch Series 8 comes in three sizes. So it seems that in addition to 41mm and 45mm, there might be a larger variant. He does not provide further details, such as the dimensions. For example, does Apple opt for a 48 or perhaps 50 mm Apple Watch?

This year, the Apple Watch also got a larger screen. The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in the new sizes 41mm and 45mm, instead of 40mm and 44mm. Although the cabinet itself has only become one millimeter larger, the screen is about 20% larger because the edges are a lot smaller.

There have been rumors before that Apple is working on an extra rugged Apple Watch for athletes (called rugged version). According to sources, this model will be released next year. It could well be that this version has a larger display, so that you can read the screen better during extreme sports. We previously wrote why an extra robust Apple Watch is a good idea.