Roller Champions shares its release date, finally – Roller Champions

Announced three years ago, on the occasion of E3 2019, Roller Champions has experienced many postponements, despite several betas. Lately, the communication around the title was even zero, until the game was evaluated by the ESRB, then it passed Gold, auguring that an exit was not very far away. Ubisoft has just announced the good news: a release date for Roller Champions.

Roller Champions release date

This is not a surprise, since an error from Ubisoft had announced Roller Champions release datebut the game will happen May 25, 2022, on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Note that the Switch version will be available later. For the occasion, new images have been shared.

If you ever don’t remember what the Roller Champions experience will offer, or have simply never heard of this game, know that we will be dealing with a sports game, mixing roller skating, precision and tactics. Two teams of three players will have to pass a ball, in an arena, and throw it at targets in order to score points. The first team to reach five points wins the game.

If it sounds simple, know that several features come to add spice, in particular by turning around the track to score more points, if the ball remains in the hands of the team. Opponents, on the other hand, will have several options for recovering the ball, including tackling or shoving, without showing mercy.

A whole progression system will be put in place, with the aim of being among the best and joining the “elite Champions League”. As they earn points, players will be able to unlock new cards, including. Note that Ubisoft has already planned to implement content afterwards.

Appointment from the 25th to discover Roller Champions on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, in free-to-play and with cross-play.

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