Rocksmith + postponed to 2022, needs more time

Rocksmith + postponed to 2022, needs more time

Ubisoft has Rocksmith+ postponed, which will only appear in 2022 and not this fall as planned. This is mainly due to the beta feedback.

In Ubisoft writes a statement:

“To make sure we are providing the best guitar learning service, we have
have decided to move RocksmithTM + to 2022. We will use this opportunity to include the user feedbacl from our closed beta. We are confident that this new release schedule will give us time to provide a smooth experience for all guitar and bass lovers. “

Rocksmith+ is compatible with acoustic, electric and bass guitars and offers thousands of songs to start with. In the future, the number of songs will grow to millions, including titles from the genres of rock, classical, indie, alternative, hip-hop, pop, metal, country, Latin, R&B and many more. To begin with, Rocksmith + will have a variety of authentic arrangements that reproduce the songs as the artists originally played them. Plus, all of the songs in the library will be playable with chord tables that you can hum and jam along to.

More details about Rocksmith+ will follow in the coming months.