Rocket League – Batman Halloween event starts today

Rocket League - Batman Halloween event starts today

The scary season is just around the corner and many games are celebrating it with special in-game content that goes with the theme of Halloween. Psyonix multiplayer hit Rocket League is known for regularly starting new events and offering items that match the season. This year the duels will be in Gotham City!

Batman Haunted Hallows Event

There has also been cooperation with DC Comics in the past. This will now be intensified for Halloween, in addition to thematic items and a special game mode, the Batmobile will also return to the store. By completing special event challenges, cool paintwork, chic wheels and name tags can be unlocked.

The Joker Decal is sure to be popular.

There are also new effects in the Rumble mode, such as a hurricane with bats or Harley Quinn’s famous hammer. The whole thing runs under the name Gotham City Rumble and is played in a specially adapted arena. In Beckwith Park (Gotham Night) there should be plenty of Easter eggs to discover, such as the bat signal in the night sky.

Return of the Dark Knight

Where the bat signal lights up, the dark knight is usually not too far away. The popular Batmobiles are also returning for the duration of the event! You have again the choice between the Batmobile (1989), the Tumbler from Dark Knight and the Batmobile (2016). All three models come with a special paintwork and matching goal explosions.

The Batman Halloween Bundle is available in the store for 2000 credits. This contains the following items:

  • Batmobile (1989)
  • The Dark Knight’s Tumbler
  • Batmobile (2016)
  • Batman 1989 Goal Explosion
  • The Dark Knight Goal Explosion
  • Batman 2016 Goal Explosion

You can also buy the Batmobile including the Goal Explosion individually, for which you then pay 800 credits. Anyone who already owns one of the Batmobile from previous seasons can take the new paintwork with them for 300 credits.

Rocket League is Free-2-Play and available for PS4 and PS5. The Batman Haunted Hallows event starts today and runs until November 1st. You can see the trailer for the event here:

Rocket League Batman Halloween Event Trailer