Resident Evil Village is inspired by a specific chapter of the saga: here’s which one.

Peter Fabiano, producer of Resident Evil Village , recently gave an interview to the microphones of PlayStation Official Magazine, precisely for the March 2021 issue. According to the information already available, Fabiano confirmed that Resident Evil Village takes inspiration from one of the chapters of the saga . Which? As fans of the series have already guessed, this is Resident Evil 4 .

Resident Evil 4

Here are the words of the producer, in translation: “You will notice that we have taken a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil 4. The team has worked hard to create a feeling of true authenticity. There are multiple surprises that will keep you in suspense: players will have to find a balance of combat, exploration, and puzzle completion. ” Does Resident Evil Village promise to expand the formula of the fourth chapter?

On a superficial level, it is easy to see that there are parallels between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village, starting with the setting (a rural European village) and arriving at the fundamental point of the plot (the kidnapping of a character). It will be interesting to see if the links between the two games go further.

During the interview, however, there was also room for other details. Lady Dumitrescu, the “vampire tall lady“, quickly became one of the public’s favorite characters (albeit for reasons other than those Capcom expected) and Fabiano couldn’t help but talk briefly. She explained that the woman and her three daughters are deeply attached to what is expected of vampire imagery, but at the same time these characters were created with the lore of the saga and the history of the series in mind.

Finally, it is explained that the idea of ​​Village was born at the end of the development of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. “The team grew fond of Ethan as a character – we knew we wanted to continue his story arc. We wanted players to continue experiencing the game through his eyes. This helped us keep in the right direction. And because we are constantly sharing information with each other. the various Resident Evil teams, we believe we have made the best survival horror ever . “

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