Resident Evil: Village – Easter Eggs and Previous Game References

Resident Evil: Village - Easter Eggs and Previous Game References

Here is the list of all the references to the previous series games and Easter Eggs you will see in Resident Evil Village

All Resident Evil: Village Easter Eggs found so far

  • At the beginning of RE: Village, you can find a closed cabinet with a noise coming from it. In RE4, there is a similar scene of the first meeting with Luis Sera.
  • Ethan’s home contains a book by Joseph Kendo, weapons specialist and STARS instructor.
  • Joseph’s brother, Robert Kendo, owner of an arms shop in Racoon City.
  • Duke can refer to the RE4 vendor by repeating one of his lines.
  • Ada Wong was supposed to appear in RE: Village. She also wielded a grappling hook and had a rescue scene like Leon in RE4.
  • Shooting crows to extract resources is common in RE4.
  • Barrels, boxes and vases are styled after RE4.
  • The trading system from RE4 is one of the key elements rebuilt in RE: Village.
  • The village, castle, mines, factory – location types were also present in RE4 …
  • Like a boat, a lake with a giant monster …
  • At Ethan’s house, a newspaper can be found describing the events that took place in the Baker’s house during the events of RE7.
  • Treasures embedded in ceilings and walls – an RE4 classic.
  • Save typewriters are back.
  • Typewriters can be replaced with a tape recorder from RE7.
  • Some of the enemies are inspired and similar to those from RE4.
  • In one of the books, you can see a direct reference to the logo of the Umbrella company.
  • At the base of the bowl can be seen an image inspired by Lord Spencer. It became the logo of his company, Umbrella.
  • Phones are a reference to RE7. They were a common means of communication with other characters.
  • Animal hunting was also possible in RE4.
  • The ability to move cabinets to create barriers was also introduced in RE4.
  • Weapon toys resemble collectibles from RE2 and RE7.
  • The collectible from RE7 can be found at Ethan’s house.
  • Some enemies react differently to hits on different body parts. This has been implemented in RE4.
  • Portfolio (inventory) management, sorting and improvement is another mechanic taken from RE4.
  • Healing herbs are an element featured in most of the games in the series.
  • In the game, you can find coins of the Baker family (coins with a pelican).
  • The mechanics of breaking closed locks were also introduced for the first time in RE4.
  • Red chain cutter made of RE7, RE2 and RE3.
  • Upon arrival at the village, we are ambushed, just like Leon in RE4.
  • The ambush ends in a similar way. Enemies stop their attack with the ringing of a bell.