Requiem Releases October 18 – Fresh Trailer Revealed

A Plague Tale: Requiem publisher Focus Entertainment is set to release a sequel to the acclaimed brother and sister adventure in plague-ridden France on October 18th. Asobo Studio is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Together with the announcement, 10 minutes of gameplay were presented, where the main characters make their way through the career, trying to hide from the soldiers. Amicia wields a variety of weapons, including a sling, explosives, and a crossbow, while her younger brother, Hugo, uses his skills to control a horde of rats.

In addition, Focus Entertainment has begun collecting pre-orders across all digital platforms, including the PS Store, where the game was released in the store’s domestic division. It, for example, can be searched on PS5.

On Steam, the project costs 1999 rubles, Microsoft Store – $ 59.99, PS Store – 4279 rubles.

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