REDO! – A new dark Metroidvania available on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

Inspired by the work of Tsutomu Nihei and the universe of Lovecraft, REDO! presents itself as a dark and mature metroidvania. Available since June 22 at the price of 8.49€, we let you discover its launch trailer below accompanied by a complete description.

REDO! is a dark, solitary and meditative metroidvania.

REDO! puts you in the role of a young woman in search of the remains of a dystopian world overrun by biomachines.

Presented in an open, non-linear format, the game offers a gloomy and mysterious story, with the ruins of a sepulchral city as a backdrop, where everything is interconnected.

Methodical combat requires finding a balance between neutralizing terrifying enemies (making them less aggressive to hit them better) and furious attacks to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

To survive in this world where humanity has died out, the player has an arsenal of weapons and an array of items, from energy blades to riot shields to blaster launchers. missiles.

The misshapen biomachines populating the lonely world of REDO! are able to spit fire, electricity or corrosive plasma. You will need all the tools possible to complete the adventure.

Key features:

  • A deep and enigmatic knowledge left by the last survivors of humanity
  • A wide range of weapons and items, each with their own uses
  • A vast metropolis to explore in an open world and in agony
  • Over a dozen terrifying, deformed and unique enemy types
  • Metroidvania mechanics crossed with Dark Souls for a balance between lethality and endurance
  • Between 7 and 12 hours of play