Rainbow Six Siege: Best Graphics Settings for Visibility

Rainbow Six Siege: Best Graphics Settings for Visibility

In this detailed article, I’m gonna go over the display and graphic settings and choose the Best Graphics Settings for Visibility in Rainbow Six Siege. Most of these settings always most certainly try to lower your FPS in the games. But it’s not really the point as long as you get enough FPS to run at the refresh rate of your monitor. Whether it’s 60Hz or 144Hz or 240Hz or whatever your monitor has. Beyond that rate, it doesn’t really matter.

You always want the visibility to be high as possible but sometimes it sacrifices the overall latency of the game and it actually affects your performance in games.

A lot of the time having Anti-Aliasing OFF creates blur so you will have to make it not blur and it still runs at a perfect framerate.

Rainbow Six Siege: Best Graphics Settings for Visibility

I have finally found a perfect Rainbow Six Siege graphics setting for maximum visibility. In this guide, I will go over everything from Display to Graphic settings. Also, I’m gonna give reasons why I do it so this is like the ultimate guide for competitive play and for visibility.

  • Resolution: Always Maximum
  • Refresh Rate: Maximum
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • VSync: OFF
  • Field of View: 90
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16X
  • LOD Quality: High to Ultra
  • Shading Quality: Low or Medium
  • Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Reflection Quality: Low
  • Ambient Occlusion: OFF
  • Lens Effect: OFF
  • Zoom-In Depth Of Field: ON
  • Anti-Aliasing: FXAA

Resolution: Always Maximum

You should always keep your Resolution to the Maximum of your monitor. It can be 1440p or 1080p. You should keep it to the maximum. If you have a 4k panel without a solid graphics card, then only consider leveling down a notch to keep the FPS stable. And also play the game in FULLSCREEN. Not just for Rainbow Six but for any other game you play.

Rainbow Six Siege Best Graphics Settings for Visibility

Refresh Rate: Maximum

You want this thing to be at whatever the max Hertz is on your monitor. Now it can say your monitor is 60Hz but in reality, it can be 144Hz. To make sure go to your Windows Settings and check your refresh rate is set to max. If it set to default 60Hz, bump it up. I played for like 6 months on my 140Hz monitor at 60Hz because I did not know. This made a huge difference just make sure that is checked always at the highest as it can go.

Aspect Ratio: 16:10

A lot of people like to keeo it at 4:3.16:9 is standard. I personally recommend 16:10 because it gives you the effects of 4:3 without looking awful.

VSync: OFF

I keep that OFF all the time. You always want to turn this OFF as it is known to add a little bit of latency lag which you don’t want. Basically, this features delays how fast the frame is shown after it is rendered. This helps in maintaining a stable FPS. However, it reduces your reaction time which is not a good thing in FPS shooters like Rainbow Six Siege where every little millisecond counts.

Field of View: 90

Anything above 80 is probably good for you if you’re on a PC as this guide is only for PC. I just prefer 90 because I want to see the whole screen. I want to see everything and I want to be at the greatest advantage I can be in the game. However, if you don’t like the looks of it just bump it down a little bit and keep it at 85.

Texture Quality: Low

This setting in my opinion does not affect that much visibility in Rainbow Six Siege and FPS in general. You do see better quality textures if you are close to a soldier of a building. So if you want to squeeze those extra FPS like I do then keep it at Low.

Rainbow Six Siege Graphics Settings for Visibility

Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16X

You might see this setting as a different setting in most games. This is to avoid blurry effects so it’ll make long distant textures less blurry. It does costs maybe a few FPS to make it up to 16x. I see a huge difference in the game when I set it to 16X. To increase the visibility I recommend 16X even if you have a bad Low-End PC.

LOD Quality: High to Ultra

I have this as Ultra. This is a big mistake when the people that just go Low on everything. Keeping this at Low is a big mistake because this needs to be at least High or above. It doesn’t have a huge effect on your FPS either and can cost a lot FPS wise if you’re in a very like situational thing but it won’t like destroy your FPS.

On low, it could make the players look really geometric and it makes the heads look like triangles. I just really don’t want that so I keep it as Max as I can. It just needs to stay above Medium. You can keep it at Medium if you have a low PC and if you have a good PC I just would go Ultra or Very High. Either of those works just fine.

Shading Quality: Low or Medium

This is all for your eyeballs really. Keep it low if you have a bad PC and Medium if you have a decent gaming rig. It’s just for eye candy really. It’s just to make the game look better. If you have a low-end PC keep it Low or Medium and a high end then keep it at High.

Shadow Quality: Medium

Low Shadows is when player Shadows aren’t even a thing. So I would go Medium here. Medium shows the players’ shadows. So it’s actually a physical advantage that you have by going Medium as they do cost a lot of FPS so I don’t go any higher than Medium. Going Very High just makes the Shadow look like a perfect outline and also that’s very CPU intensive. So you should stick with Medium which is the bare minimum just to see some shadows.

Reflection Quality: Low

I go on Low. It doesn’t look that costly in terms of FPS as I’ve seen some people discussing it on Reddit. I just don’t see any advantage of putting this on High. It is just the water, window reflection and stuff. So it really has no advantage in a game sense so just keep that on Low.

Rainbow Six Siege Graphics Settings for Visibility

Ambient Occlusion: OFF

This is a very very important setting. Keep that OFF. No matter what you do just keep this OFF. This is very costly to your FPS and very useless. For example, it adds shadows to literally like a teapot or something on the table. It really doesn’t help you at all and it might even hurt you in some cases. So if you really just are in it for the eye candy and only want like 60 FPS and have a high-end PC then only turn it up. I would recommend leaving that OFF for the average PC and the average player that is going for competitive.

Lens Effect: OFF

I keep this OFF but you could bring it up if you want to. It’ll be easier to see like Valkyrie cams and Drones whenever they’re being used especially. But it adds a little bit of a Glow-Effect and that’s what I don’t really like. If you have a higher-end PC and like the setting go ahead and turn it up. But I personally do not see this as being a useful effect in terms of visibility in the game.

Zoom-In Depth Of Field: ON

So this makes the ACOG blurry and I turn it ON. It’s not the actual ACOG that’s blurry but it’s the little circle around the ACOG that makes it blurry. If you turn this OFF you can’t focus on everything outside of the AIM well enough. If you turn this ON you can focus right in the middle and makes the gameplay more accurate. It does not have any effect on the FPS or general performance. It can have an effect on video memory. Turn this ON and see if it changes anything for you. it has improved my AIM drastically.

Anti-Aliasing: FXAA

This is one of the most important settings. You should keep it at FXAA. FXAA gets a lot of hate as it is the oldest method of Anti-Aliasing. But you need to understand that it is the best method currently in existence. FXAA has a huge effect on FPS but it completely removes the ladder (ZigZag) effect and improves visibility.

If you keep it at T-AA or other options, the gameplay still looks blurry. Ladder patterns are still visible in this configuration. FXAA removes the jaggedness from the frames and combines them to make them look smooth. especially the edges.


So that was basically all the things that I needed to tell you. If you have any new tips or graphics settings that can be tweaked to improve visibility in Rainbow Six Siege then do tell me in the comments below. Or if you disagree with me on any of these above points then also mention them.

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