Quake Remastered: Now with mouse and keyboard support on the consoles

Quake Remastered: Now with mouse and keyboard support on the consoles

The remaster of “Quake” can now also be played on the consoles with a mouse and keyboard.

After the remastered version of “Quake” could initially only be played on the new generation consoles PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S via backward compatibility, an update this week provided native support for the new consoles.

The technical improvements offered on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S include support for 120FPS and dynamic 4K resolution. As it turned out shortly after the release of the said update, this was another feature that was surprisingly not mentioned in the official changelog. We’re talking about mouse and keyboard support on the consoles.

Players with a gamepad keep to themselves

From now on, the new edition of “Quake” can be played on all platforms in the classic way with the mouse and keyboard. Even on the Switch, as shown by a snapshot shared by id Software’s developers. However, it must be pointed out at this point that when using the mouse and keyboard, for reasons of fairness, you will of course end up in corresponding crossplay lobbies if you rely on this type of control.

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Players who make the arenas of “Quake” unsafe with the gaming controller stay to themselves. A step through which fair competition is to be guaranteed. After all, gamers who use the combination of mouse and keyboard enjoy an advantage that should not be underestimated, both in terms of aiming and reaction times.

Quake supporting keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switchhttps://t.co/ulJqox70HP pic.twitter.com/ca5QFNyRUC

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